Tuesday, March 26, 2013

福島の事故を繰り返さないための嘆願書 No More Fukushima Petition to NRC

Petition NRC to revoke the operating licenses of dangerous GE Mark I & Mark II reactors 

On March 19, 2013, a majority of the five-member Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted to reject the agency’s Japan Lessons Learned Project Directorate and their senior staff’s recommendation to promptly Order to back fit all General Electric boiling water reactors with Mark I and Mark II containments with the installation of engineered high-capacity radiation filters on more robust severe accident capable vents on the Fukushima-style containment structures.

By majority vote (4-1), the Commissioners sided with the industry agenda for dangerous half measures that will potentially leave the downwind communities vulnerable to the uncontained releases of radioactivity in the event of an accident involving reactor core fuel damage and introduces undue, indeterminate and imprudent delay in addressing these aging reactors with dangerously flawed and vulnerable containment structures.

On March 21, 2013, Beyond Nuclear and 24 safe energy organizations filed a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the revocation of the operating licenses of the Fukushima-style GE boiling water reactors with Mark I and Mark II containments in the United States. 
2013年3月21日に、Beyond Nuclearと24の安全なエネルギーを求める団体が、原子力規制委員会に対し、米国内にある福島型のMarkIとIIの格納容器を持つGE沸騰式原子炉の稼動許可を取り消すための要請書を提出しました。

You can join Beyond Nuclear and safe energy organizations in petitioning the NRC to revoke these Fukushima-style reactors here in the United States by signing up here

Allison MacFarlane was the only commissioner who voted in favour of the filters. In her notes talking about why she voted in favour of the filters, MacFarlane wrote:
フィルターの取り付けに賛成票を投じたのは、Allison MacFarlanceだけでした。なぜ賛成したのかについて、彼女は以下のように書いています。

 “My decision reflects, in part, my experiences during a recent trip the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan. The visit to the reactors required travel through deserted villages, full of abandoned homes and businesses overgrown with weeds, and past fallow fields, and unused industrial buildings, roads and railroad tracks, all of which emphasized the impact of the accident from a nuclear plant that was over 10 kilometers away.

Engineered filtered containment system can help protect the public and the environment by significantly reducing the amount of radiological effluent released from containment during a severe accident. All currently available information indicates that the ability to vent containment through filters would be an improvement to safety”.

It is clear the Mark l and Mark ll reactors are unsafe.

How could the other Commissioners put nuclear industry profits ahead of public safety?

We cannot have confidence in a regulatory body that puts profits ahead of safety.

The only solution now is to close down all the Mark l and Mark ll Boiling Water Reactors.

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