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原子力災害へ備えるための15ステップ ~スッテップ12~ The 15 steps to Nuclear Disaster Preparedness ~Step 12~

Step 12  Make a plan on how to live in a highly contaminated environment.

ステップ12 高度に汚染された環境でどのように暮らすかの計画を立てる。

If the worst happens and a nuclear reactor near you melts down, you may not be in a position to flee immediately to a cleaner environment.  You may not yet have plans in place, you may have plans but it will take a while to make the final arrangements, or you may just decide to stay and live with the contamination.

Luckily, if you have been following this guide, you will already have in place your air and water filters and at least a few weeks worth of uncontaminated food. You will have the duct tape and materials needed to seal up your house (Step #6).

But you will still need to go outside and come back home. You will have to work hard to KEEP THE RADIATION OUTSIDE of your house and you will have to EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN YOU ARE OUTSIDE. It is also a good idea to keep records of food intake, activities and Geiger counter readings.


Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds and Associates has advised us to take off our shoes before we come into the house. That is because 80 % of all dirt comes in on the shoes.  He also advises regular damp dusting. Using a damp cloth instead of a dry one will ensure that radioactive dust will cling to the cloth and not fly into the air again.


Sadly, this also means not to dry your clothes outside.  There were so many reports after the Fukushima disaster, of clothes that had been hung outside, picking up the radioactivity.  Subsequent washing actually made the clothes radioactive.  It’s best to get in the habit of hanging your clothes to dry inside the house – next to the furnace or hot water heater a good warm place.
The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trail Team


Below is a checklist of even more ways to keep inside of your house clean and less radioactive. 

        Think of nuclear radiation as an invisible layer of dust on all surfaces that needs to be carefully cleaned away and managed.  

        Create an air tight seal in your home (duct tape comes in handy)

        Keep all windows closed even if it's nice outside and sealed with duct tape.   

        Seal all doors that open to the outside with duct tape.   

        Aggressively clean off surfaces in your home without creating dust (wet wipes and water filtered vacuums)    

        Wear a mask and gloves during your intensive clean up

        Keep food in clean, sealed containers    

        Clean floor and furniture with water filtered vacuum    

        When you go outside, wear a set of coveralls or a duster over your clothes and leave these by the door when you go inside so as to leave the radiation on them outside.    

Source: ふくしま集団疎開裁判
The Fukusima collective Evacuation Trial Team

        Shower every time you come indoors from having spent more than a few minutes outdoors.    

        Launder sheets, handkerchief masks, outdoor clothing, at least once a day    

        Keep pets indoors as much as possible for the duration.    

ラドラム社の44−9プローブ スペック
ラドラム社の44−9プローブ スペック
330CPM=1uSv/Hr (Cs137) or 3300CPM=mR/Hr (Cs137)
Measured dog's paw for radiation contamination after a walk in snowy Tokyo.
Ludlum 44-9 probe spec:
330CPM=1uSv/Hr (Cs137) or 3300CPM=mR/Hr (Cs137)

        Sleep at least two feet above the floor      

        Keep pots, pans, plates, silverware and utensils in clean cabinets

        Rinse your cooking utensils, plates, silverware, glassware    

        Rinse the outside of all food cans before opening     

        Do not do anything that can stir up dust (don't use duster or a normal vacuum)   

Source: CRMS


(adapted from:

·          Use good quality dust masks to cover your mouth and nose. If your Geiger counter is registering extremely high readings, wear your respirator.

·          Carry young children while outdoors or going to and from a vehicle 

·          Avoid drainage trenches 

·          Stay away from underneath awnings and anywhere rainwater collects as nuclear fallout comes down in the rain. 

·          Avoid playing in parks and sandpits 

·          Avoid sitting and lying on lawns

·          Avoid walking on fallen leaves 

·          Avoid gardening 

·          Avoid touching mud, grass, moss and trees 

·          Avoid swimming in the ocean, lakes and outdoor pools. 

·          Avoid fishing and playing in rivers 

2.        Keep Records

Living in a contaminated area puts you at a higher risk for medical problems. It is a good idea to keep detailed daily records of 

· Weather

· The foods you and each of your family members eats 

· Each persons' activities (indoor or outdoor, transport)
     家族の行動 (屋内、屋外、移動)

· Geiger counter readings 
· Health condition

· Hair or bay teeth can be attached.

These records will be valuable in obtaining accurate medical diagnoses as well as in filing for compensation claims

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原子力災害へ備えるための15ステップ ~スッテップ11~ The 15 steps to Nuclear Disaster Preparedness ~Step 11~

Step 11 Supplements to have on hand to protect you and combat Radiation.

ステップ11 あなたの体を防護し、放射能と戦ってくれるサプルメント

Disclaimer: We are only telling you the supplements we have read about and we make no claims and are not recommending them – just informing you of what we have learned. It is up to every individual to study this issue and decide for him/herself what levels of supplementation to take. Please be sure to consult with your physician before taking any supplement.
注意: ここで紹介するサプルメントについては、私たちが読んだものから学んだのもので、これらを主張したり、推奨したりするものではありません。これらのことについては各々が学び、どのくらいのサプルメントを取るかについては自らの決断をしてください。サプルメントを使用する前に、必ず医師に相談してください。

1. Potassium Iodide (KI) ヨウ化カリウム
Arnold Gundersen has said that citizens on the west coast of North America should have taken Potassium Iodide tablets to protect themselves from the Fukushima plume.

Potassium Iodide will saturate the thyroid glands giving the radioactive Iodine 131 no place to land. So it’s a good idea to have Potassium Iodide Tablets in your anti-radiation arsenal.  Dr. Caldicott says if there is a meltdown and you know the plume is coming (and you will if you keep yourself informed), then take one tablet before the cloud reaches you.  She says one tablet is enough to super saturate the thyroid gland so you won’t get thyroid cancer.

Dr. Dale Dewar, executive director for the Physicians for Global Survival, and a family physician in rural Saskatchewan for 32 years, says that Iodine 131 is a major concern for children because it is easily picked up by their thyroid gland.

The advice she gives for protecting ourselves from the effects of radiation is to have potassium iodine on hand especially for small children in the event that radioactivity increases.

An important note is that potassium iodide is a solution only for  blocking the uptake of radioactive Iodine 131. There are several hundred other isotopes released in a nuclear meltdown.

One package of Iosat tablets has 14 tablets on it and costs about $7.50 online from

To read more about Potassium Iodide in Radiation Emergencies:

Especially knowing the risk in advance is important.

”Adults: Adults older than 40 years should not take KI unless public health or emergency management officials say that contamination with a very large dose of radioactive iodine is expected. Adults older than 40 years have the lowest chance of developing thyroid cancer or thyroid injury after contamination with radioactive iodine. They also have a greater chance of having allergic reactions to KI.”
大人: 40歳以上の方は保健所や緊急管理機関から大量の放射性ヨウ素を伴う汚染が予測されると言われない限りヨウ素剤を服用するべきではありません。40歳以上の大人は放射性ヨウ素の汚染の後で甲状腺がんや甲状腺損傷を発病する可能性が最も低いのです。40歳以上の場合はまた、ヨウ素剤に対してアレルギー反応を示す可能性がより高いです。

"Taking KI may be harmful for some people because of the high levels of iodine in this medicine. You should not take KI if

• you know you are allergic to iodine (If you are unsure about this, consult your doctor. A seafood or shellfish allergy does not necessarily mean that you are allergic to iodine.) or

• you have certain skin disorders (such as dermatitis herpetiformis or urticaria vasculitis)."

"People with thyroid disease (for example, multinodular goiter, Graves’ disease, or autoimmune thyroiditis) may be treated with KI. This should happen under careful supervision of a doctor, especially if dosing lasts for more than a few days."

"In general, you are more likely to have an adverse health effect involving the thyroid gland if you.

• take a higher than recommended dose of KI,

• take the drug for several days, or

• have preexisting thyroid disease."

"Newborn infants (less than 1 month old) who receive more than one dose of KI are at particular risk for developing a condition known as hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone levels that are too low). If not treated, hypothyroidism can cause brain damage. Infants who receive KI should have their thyroid hormone levels checked and monitored by a doctor. Avoid repeat dosing of KI to newborns."

2. Zeolite ゼオライト

binds radioactive isotopes. Both Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds and Associates and Levy HaLevy of Nuclear Hotseat recommend Zeolite.  If you think your fruits and vegetables have been contaminated with radioactivity, you can add liquid zeolite to your filtered vegetable washing water, wash your food well in this solution, and then rinse with filtered water.

Liquid Zeolite can be obtained from the Liquid Zeolite Company.
液状ゼオライトはLiquid Zeolite Companyで購入できます。

One bottle is about $36.00.

To order, please click the image.

3. Pectin ペクチン

Several documentaries on Chernobyl plus the book “Chernobyl – Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment.”  have mentioned that in the contaminated areas, Apple Pectin is given to people to help decrease the levels of ingested Cesium. Pectin chemically binds cations such as cesium in the gastrointestinal tract and thereby increases fecal excretion.  Researchers have concluded that adding pectin to the food of inhabitants of the Chernobyl-contaminated regions promotes an effective excretion of incorporated radionucllides.


Apple Pectin can be bought through the internet– one 90 capsule jar is about $12.00.

To order, please click the image.

Recently Dr. Michael Nobel has recommended Pro Pectin.

Propectin cost US$1,495- for a 13 months supply. Freight and handling included. (as of January 3, 2013)

To order, please contact Marie Cholas by email.

4. Vitamin C ビタミンC 

has been shown to be protective of radiation damage. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, some research has “shown substantial reduction in damage to bone marrow cells and thereby lower one’s risk of developing leukemia or severe bone marrow depression (which can result in fatal infections)”.


5. Calcium supplements  カルシウム強化剤

are a good idea s
o that your bones are full of calcium.  Radioactive Strontium 90 mimics calcium and goes right to your bones if there is room for it. So if you are deficient in calcium the Strontium 90 will get into your bones and cause bone cancer.

SiSU brand Calcium and Magnesium 2:1 with vitamin D can be purchased at many local health food stores.

6. Vitamin D ビタミンD

Vitamin D – D3 (also known as calcitriol) – may offer protection against a variety of radiation-induced damages, including even those caused by background radiation or a low-level nuclear incident.
The protective mechanisms are so strong that researchers have suggested vitamin D3 should be considered among the prime (if not the primary) non-pharmacological agents to protect against sub-lethal low radiation damage and, particularly, radiation-induced cancer.
Note: Magnesium allows Calcium to get into cells and thus helps fill the bones with Calcium so that Strontium 90 cannot get in.
SISU brand Vitamin D3 1000 IU tablets are a good source. 1-2 pills a day may be a good level, but you need to research and determine how much is right for you.
SISUブランドのビタミンD3 1000mg錠剤が良いでしょう。1日に1~2錠が適量ですが、自分にとっての適量は調べる必要があります。

7. Bentonite Clay  ベントナイト粘土

Absorbs radiation. There is both an edible form ($9.89 for ½ pound from Harmonic Arts) and a type that you pour into a bath to soak in and detoxify yourself from ProMedics Neutraceutical Ltd. Vancouver, B.C.
半ポンド(227g)$9・89)と解毒するための入浴剤タイプがPromedics Neutraceutical Ltd.から出ています。

To order Bentonite Clay from Harmonic Arts, click the image.

8.  Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) 重炭酸ナトリウム〈重そう)

Buy 25-50 pounds of this for $35! To detoxify yourself from a radioactive fallout:

Page 14-15

Those are the top 8 supplements to have in your arsenal.  There are many more supplements we have read about but have not yet bought or added to our nuclear preparations.  It all takes time and money to research products and order them.  Possibly with more time, we will add some of the following to our anti-radiation collection.  We recommend that you study this issue, start your collection and make your own decisions.

Here is a list of “More supplements to research and possibly add to the anti-radiation collection”:

To read more on the following a-z supplements that combat radiation, for $10 you can download Dr. Russell Blaylock’s Nuclear Sunrise .
放射能と闘うa-zサプルメントの詳細について、ラッセル・ブレイロック博士のNuclear Sunriseは、下記のリンクから$10.00でダウンロードできます。

a. Ginkgo biloba – radioprotective by free radical scavenging.
  イチョウ -フリーラジカル消法による放射線防護効果

b. vitamin E – radioprotective by free radical scavenging.
  ビタミンE -フリーラジカル消法による放射線防護効果

c. carotinoids – radioprotective by free radical scavenging.
  カロテノイド -フリーラジカル消法による放射線防護効果 

d. echinacea – enhances immunity.
  エキナセア -免疫強化
e. IP-6 – enhances immunity.
  IP-6 - 免疫強化
f. beta 1,3/1,6 D-glucan – enhances immunity and protects against radiation.
    β1,3/1,6-Dグルカン -免疫強化と放射線防護

g. WR-2721 (chemical radioprotectant) – increases effect of beta 1.3/1,6 D-glucan.
  WR-2721〈化学放射線防護体) -β1,3/1,6-Dグルカンの効果を高める
h. curcumin (flavinoid) – enhances immunity, radioprotectant for all tissues, cells and organs.
  クルクミン(フラボノイド) -免疫強化、あらゆる組織、細胞、内臓の放射線防護体
i. ginger (flavinoid) – enhances immunity and radioprotectant.
  しょうが(フラボノイド) -免疫効果と放射線防護体

j. orientin (flavinoid) – protects against radiation damage.
  オリエンチン(フラボノイド) -放射線による損傷から防護

k. vicenin (flavinoid) – protects against radiation damage.
  ヴィスニン(フラボノイド) -放射線による損傷から防護

l. Panax ginseng –(herb) – enhances immunity.
  オタネニンジン(ハーブ) -免疫強化

m. Prostaglandin Inhibitors such as Advil – protects bone marrow from radiation damage.
  プロスタグランジン阻害剤(アドヴィルなど) -放射線による損傷から骨髄を防護

n. Garlic – protects against whole body irradiation by gamma rays.
  にんにく -体全体をガンマ線放射能に対して防護

o. Chlorella (algae) – protects from sublethal doses of gamma radiation.
  クロレア(藻類) - 致死量以下のガンマ線から防護

p. Selenium – radioprotectant.
  セレン -放射線防護体

q. Melatonin – radioprotectant properties.
  メラトニン -放射線防護体

r. Alpha-lipoic acid – radioprotectant.
  アルファリボ酸 -放射線防護体  

s. zinc (mineral) – reduces radiation-induced elevation of lipid peroxidation.
  亜鉛〈ミネラル) - 放射線被曝による脂質過酸化の情報を低減する

t. Folate, methylcobalamine, niacinamide and vitamin B6
 – all act in concert to protect and repair DNA. Dr.Blaylock says the doses are 800 micrograms for folate, 5000 micrograms for methylcobalamin, 500 mg for niacinamide and 50 mg for vitamin B6 daily. Do not take iron with these as iron increases free radical generation.

u. Rosemary extract – protects against radiation injury.
  ローズマリーエキス -放射線からの傷を防護  

v.  Green tea extract – applied to skin and taken orally protects against UVA/UVB radiation to the skin.
  緑茶エイキス - 皮膚にあて、服用すると皮膚の紫外線に対して防護

w. Resveratrol – cancer-preventing compound and radioprotectant. Dr. Blaylock recommends 200 mg twice a day between meals.
  レスベラトロール -発癌を防ぐ化合物で放射線防護体。ブレイロック博士は1日に200mgを2回食間に取るように薦めている。

----Four other supplements we have read about and you can study (Not discussed by Dr. Blaylock)
   その他4つのサプルメント -上記ブレイロック博士のリストからのものではありません。
x. Boron ホウ素
- used to capture radioactivity on soils, gardens, orchards, etc. Some researchers have also suggested it can be safely ingested by humans and animals. Boron will accept radiation and ionize it within our bodies, after which our bodies will safely excrete the boron and radioactivity.
220px-Spirulina_tablets.jpgy. Spirulina スピルニナ
 - a blue-green algae – might be another useful alternative to protect against the effects of radiation. Spirulina was actually used to treat children exposed to chronic low levels of radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It enhances the immune system.

z.  Organic Turmeric 
Reduces damage from both external radiation exposure and ingested radionuclides by reducing oxidative stress to cellular structures, particularly DNA.
note: it must be certified organic to ensure it has not been gamma irradiated (ironic?) with radioactive cobalt-60 in the USDA-approved process known as "cold pasteurization." Conventional spices are commonly exposed to as high as 30 Kilograys of gamma radiation, or the equivalent of 990 million chest x-rays worth of radiation. The irradiation of herbs produces formic acid, formaldehyde and unique radiolytic byproducts with carcinogenic properties.
注: 「低温殺菌」として知られる、USDAが認可しているプロセスで、放射性コバルト60と共に、ガンマ放射線を含んでいないもの〈皮肉ですね?)を確保するために、オーガニックと証明されているものでなければなりません。従来のスパイスは、一般的に30キログレイ、あるいは、9億9900万の胸部レントゲンに値するのガンマ放射線を発しています。ハーブの照射は、蟻酸、ホルムアルデヒド、発癌の特性を持つ放射性副産物を生み出します。

Z z .Whey protein 乳清
Protects against absorbing radioactive minerals.

Please also refer to our old post for supplement.