Sunday, May 4, 2014

のり Nori Seaweed

Our factory has tested the Nori for Radiation ongoing since the disaster 3 years ago with no issues. In addition We test our Nori at an independent Lab here in the US with each Harvest.(generally twice per year) We test for more then 22 different Isotopes of Radiation. Our nori comes out "non detectable" in every category. 

Our Harvest location is a 4000 acre growing area classified as certified Organic growing waters, located in the Northern part of the East China Sea, well below the southern tip of Japan. It is up current and up wind from Fukushima which is located off the Northern tip of Japan on the Pacific Ocean side. Since prevailing winds and currents in that part of the world go South to North, our site has thus far remained unaffected. The next Harvest occurred in late February, and we will have that new harvest product sometime at the end of May at which time we will test again. 

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  August Harvest Radiation results
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Sample Received: August 16, 2013
Container: 500ml Marinelli
Duration:  16 hours
High Purity Germanium Gamma Detector

Conclusion 結論: 
Based on the results analyzed by Gamma Spectroscopy, there does not appear to be any gamma radiation contamination emanating from the dried seaweed sample. 

** Please note the unit is pCi/g....if you convert them to bq/kg ↓

I131    <0.74 bq/kg
Cs134 <0.74 bq/kg
Cs137 <1.11 bq/kg

If you live around Vancouver, you can get this Nori at
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