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原子力災害へ備えるための15ステップ ~スッテップ6~ The 15 steps to Nuclear Disaster Preparedness ~Step 6~

Step 6 Protect the air you breathe.

ステップ6 呼吸をする空気を守りましょう

Once you read that there is a nuclear event (e.g. either a nuclear accident in a reactor anywhere in the world, a nuclear explosion at a lab or a nuclear bomb attack), or if you notice that the air levels on your geiger counter are rising above your background levels, you will need to already have in place, ways and means to filter and clean your air.


- Right now -buy duct tape, wide packing tape, thin plywood and rolls of thick plastic to seal up your windows, doors and chimney.


If there is an earthquake, all your windows may break. In order to seal up these openings, you'll need either plastic or thin plywood secured by duct tape and packing tape. Thin plywood screwed to the window pane is ideal. Plastic or tarps will be better than nothing but not ideal as the wind will weaken the plastic or tarps.


A large intake of outside air will be through the fireplace opening. Think of your fireplace as a type of window that will need to be closed tightly. Cut a piece of plywood that is cut to the shape of the opening. You can be insert this and tape it in place when the need arises.


-Consider upgrading your window and door seals now before anything happens. This is also a good idea for saving energy.

何かが起きる前に、今、窓とドアの隙間を塞ぐことを考えましょう。 これは、電気代節約にも役に立ちます。

Click image to go to the website showing how to.

-Right now -buy as many hepa air filters as you can afford – ideally one for each room in your house.


The Honeywell portable air purifier Model 50250 is approximately $190. This brand is quite noisy at higher speeds where the purifier is most effective.

Honeywellのポータブル空気清浄機、モデル50250は$190ほどです。 ただ、最も効果のある一番早いスピードでまわすと、かなりうるさいです。

Click image to go to the website of this product.

Consumer reports recommends Whirlpool AP5130K. This model is quiet at its highest speed where it is most effective. 


Click image to go to the website of this product.

Consumer reports also recommends Hunter 30547. The price is about $260.

消費者レポートのもう一つの推薦品は、Hunter 30547です。料金は$260ほどです。

Click image to go to the website of this product.



- Right now -buy a box of face masks so you won’t be breathing in radionuclides that could lodge in your lungs permanently and cause lung cancer.  
N95 masks filter out 95% of the matter.
N99 masks filter out 99%. 
P100 masks filter out over 99% plus attached oils


Even without a nuclear event, it is a good idea to wear a mask on planes or when working outside in the dirt and dust. The best time to work with dirt in the garden is an hour after the rain when thing are still damp.


- Right Now -buy at least one respirator for everyone in your household.There are two sizes so it is important to get a tight fit.


 e.g. click image to see 3M Protection Professional Multi-Purpose Respirator $39.97 at Home Depot Model # 62023HA1-A

Stay calm and carry on!"


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