Sunday, February 15, 2015

カナダ産有機ブルーベリー Canadian Organic Blueberry


Sold in Japan

Organic Dried Blueberry - Product of Canada
Harvested in June, 2013

Report from Green Coop in Japan June 18, 2014

**Comment from importer

ブルーベリーの産地についての解答です。弊社「有機ドライブルーベリー」に使用の有機ブルーベリーはカナダ・ケベック州産でございます。農場の特定までは致しかねますが、供給元はレスブリュートミスタッシニ社で有機認証(Ecocert QAI)を取得しております。最終加工地はアメリカです。
This Blueberry was from Quebec. Supplier is Les Bleuets Mistassini. in US, and exported to Japan.

An expert told us this should be most likely from Chernobyl accident which affected broad area of Northern Europe and Canada. 


So we tested all our product which contained some ingredients from Canada. The test results are as below.

Cs 137 was detected in Organic Blueberry sauce and Maple syrup.

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  1. In 2013 the lab at the German Environmental Institute in Munich tested 20 European blueberry jams and found 16 to be contaminated with cesium137 from Chernobyl.