Sunday, December 14, 2014

日本産緑茶 Japanese Green Tea

産地 Origin: 日本 Japan

購入年月 Purchase date: 
2014 年 11月24日 (November 24, 2014)

購入場所 Purchase Place:
バンクーバー日本食店 Vancouver Japanese Grocery Store
測定日時 Date Tested: 
2014 年12月8日 (December 8,2014)

測定時間 Duration50400 秒(seconds) 

重量 Weight: 600g

試料容器 Container: 2 Lマリ ネリ容器(Marinelli)

検査機器 Detector: NaI 5"x4"

This green tea leaves were not from one origin but gathered from several areas in Japan. 

For your reference...

Cs positive Green tea results compiled by WHITEFOOD based on the data of 332,727 tests released by Ministry of Health in 2013

Average detection limit of those tests for green teas was 2.14 bq/kg.

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