Monday, November 24, 2014

ノースバンクーバー堆積物 North Vancouver Debris

試料 名 Sample: 堆積物 (乾燥)
Debris (Dehydrated)

採取 場所 Origin:
North VancouverVancouver B.C
Deep Cove

採取年月 Sampling date:
2014 年11 月8 日
(November 8, 2014)

測定日時 Date Tested :
2014 年11 月18 日
(November 18, 2014)

測定時間 Duration : 172800 秒(seconds)

試料容器 Container:
1 Lマリ ネリ容器(Marinelli)

試料重量 Sample weight: 175.7g

乾燥前 Before dehydrating: 2167g
乾燥後 After dehydrating : 901g

Tested by  CRMSせたがや (Citizen Radioactivity Measuring Station, Setagaya)
with Germanium Detector


  1. Can you check for Alfa....

    1. We would love to if we had a capacity for that...sorry. I could refer you to some labs, if you would like to send your samples. Please let us know.