Tuesday, April 8, 2014

大西洋海藻 Atlantic Sea Vegetables

Wild Harvested Seaweeds from Downeast Maine


Tested by University of Maine, Environmental Radiation Lab

Canberra Germanium Detector
Duration 12-24 hrs

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The samples of whole kelp leaf have shown some elevated activity in the channels associated with Cs-134 at 604KeV, however no secondary lines have been found and this should not be cause for concern. In an effort to confirm or deny the presence of Cs-134, the whole leaf kelp sample has been set aside and will be re-counted in several months to allow for confirmation via the half-life of the isotope in question. Previous samples of whole kelp measure over the summer will also be examined. 


MDA: 0.035 Bq/kg

Previous samples of kelp have been recounted for comparison to the decay rate associated with Cs­134 and this returned only negative results. 


Their response to our questions was very timely and extensive.

We would appreciate continuous testings for their products!!

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