Tuesday, September 25, 2012

韓国産 あられ、パン粉、ふりかけ、カレー、からし、わさびJapanese food products of Korea

It may be a good idea to replace some Japanese food product with the very similar products of Korea.

Korea's restriction on imported foods from Japan including those processed are currently one of the strictest in the world.

Korea Food & Drug Administration states "In case we detected any Iodine or Cesium from our test, we would direct importers to test the food product for Plutonium and Strontium."


Here is the link to show the details of import restriction in Korea. (Sorry I cannot find the English version for this)
Please contact us if you want translation for this document.

Here are some Japanese products you may frequently use at home and can be replaced with the products of Korea!!

at Hannan Supermarket   

   あられ      Rice Crackers                                         パン粉 Panko

    *タイ産 Product of Thailand

                            ふりかけ Seasoned Flakes                    


  カレー Curry Powder

 からし・わさび Mustard & Wasabi



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